huge sparkle eyes. //Fionna

no doubt that you're one of a kind

i hosted a halloween party and made everyone dress up. it was okay, considering i didn't plan very well (after working a lot, and looking after thor post-surgery) but it was still really nice. my pitiful attempt at robin and facial expression pretty much says it all. wished aussieland celebrated this, cause we would've made an awesome trick-or-treating crew.

hope you guys had/have a happy halloween!
opression. //Byakuran

i know i've got a big ego

besides being obsessed with her vocal range, and how she contrasts her low with her high (lol, no music theory here at all), i am obsessed with her body shape and how she dresses for her concept. want, so much.

other than that, i feel like i'm crashing because i could not honestly give a fuck about doing my assignments. i have four weeks left of the semester, and i am done. four year degree, done. i just want to work now, because thor dislocated one of his kneecaps and he probably will need surgery.
opression. //Byakuran

i'm half-crazy all for the love of you

You guys, I just started uni but its been for crazy. I'm doing 5 courses this semester, 2 of which are my major and are very theory/reading heavy. On top of that I'm working 4 days a week, and it doesn't help that one of the girls got fired this week. Besides that, I'm still taking Thor for walksies and giving him as much attention as I can. 

I can't wait til this semester is over!

Other than, have you guys ever looked at your facebook and see friends update and think; I wish I had the money to go out like that. It's such a sad feeling! Even my boss says that I'm so sad cause I keep thinking about studying. It must be nice to just work hard then party just as hard after. Poooopy :C
Grr. //Ryro

coughing up feathers

I was running Thor until he swerved in front of me- now he does this sometimes and I usually brake when that happens... But I guess I wasn't fast this time because I went down like a tonne of bricks. My injuries aren't that bad but are annoying and grossly open. Plus no one was home and trying to clean your own wounds while out of breath and in pain is hard. Especially when your dog keeps trying to figure out why you've stopped paying him attention.

Needless to say I'm going to be late for class and the really visible injury I have is that my bottom lip is swollen cause I bit down or something when I fell. Gross. Wished I was in a bar fight instead cause thats a way cooler story to tell.

Aahh I'm all achey now and won't get home foorrr about 7 hours. :C
Grr. //Ryro

is this the thanks that i get for putting you bitches on

guys. guys. im thinking about getting the loki figure from hot toys? i want this because i really like loki's design. he's just really attractive aesthetically. i feel a little to nothing for tom hiddleston. but i dont know, i dont want the advertisement pictures to be really good but the actual thing to be ugly (the actual thing on the left, repainted on the right which looks realllly good). like the babydoll statue of sucker punch from gentle giant, hot toys did do babydoll as well but it was even worse, so. i'm a little wary of throwing 220 or so for a figure that miiiiight not be as advertised.

what else. hmm. i'm getting back into cobb/leo thing. since i've got nothing to read i've just been doing little stories where leo or coob is y'know, on all fours. i guess you could say. ha, ha! as much as i like the whole thor fandom, i don't know. i dont think anything can rise up to how great the inception fandom was.

or is this because i can't draw sherlock or like loki or thor or is it because my drawing skills have degraded so far back that i am only capable of cheap doodles? D: